Increasing Forensic Awareness of CBRNE Responders and CBRNE Awareness of Forensic Experts: A Pan-European Challenge

  • Bart NysEmail author
  • Natalie Kummer
  • Peter de Bruyn
  • Jan Blok
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Since a few years, the risks faced by forensic experts of being confronted with CBRNE-type hazards have increased significantly, together with the terrorist activities in Europe’s cities. Likewise, the work in and around an ever-increasing number of clandestine drugs labs is a safety concern to first responders who are badly trained in the handling of these still-active but abandoned labs. A growing concern for these hazardous situations is observed within the EU in the form of development of increased preparedness, education and training, research and innovation. The FP7-sponsored GIFT-CBRN project delivers specific tools and procedures to assist forensic investigators to perform a crime scene investigation under CBRN conditions. The project will also provide training curriculums for first responders, crime scene investigators and managers, forensic laboratory personnel and magistrates. Equally important is the fact that forensic specialists and first responders are made aware of each other’s responsibilities, capabilities and priorities in the handling of a CBRNE situation. The European Network of Forensic Science Institutes is pushing forward this awareness building with a pan-European campaign, introducing novel training programs. It is working together for this with organizations widely recognized for their expertise in the CBRN community. The authors will describe these programs and offer practical insights for those interested to attend future trainings.


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  • Bart Nys
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  • Natalie Kummer
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  • Peter de Bruyn
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  • Jan Blok
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  1. 1.National Institute for Criminalistics and CriminologyBrusselBelgium
  2. 2.Faculty of Law, Criminal Justice and Public Administration, School of Criminal JusticeUniversity of LausanneLausanne-DorignySwitzerland
  3. 3.Netherlands Forensic InstituteDen HaagThe Netherlands

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