The International Maritime Security Legislation and Future Perspectives for Italian Ports

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On a first step, the international legal framework on maritime field was mainly focused on safety, but today, since 11 September 2001, current geopolitical situation has given emphasis on security in all its aspects. Maritime security is one of the most relevant elements of the security framework because of its impact on industry, on society and on economy of a nation.

The Italian administration aims to promote the improvement and application inside national boundaries of international legislation on maritime security.

To improve maritime security in Italy, new procedures and new techniques have been implemented, such as exercises and drills in all maritime contexts. Specific training, new security figures and more new aspects have been introduced and renewed.

In the next future, Italy will face new challenges in order to avoid threats and reduce risks in maritime field. Further and renewed efforts will have to consider jointly the need of higher security standards and the economic sustainability. The future challenge will count increasing of security measures, trying to minimize the negative impacts of maritime security regime on the shipping industry, seafarers, fisheries, private individuals and environment.


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