Paul against Empire: Žižek’s Political Paul

  • Ole Jakob Løland
Part of the Radical Theologies and Philosophies book series (RADT)


Žižek’s overtly political use of Paul results in an image of Paul as a figure of rupture. Žižek’s political radicalism is expressed through the voice of the apostle, a voice that is produced in the philosopher’s various interventions in contemporary debates by invoking the words of Gal 3:28. Žižek consistently uses this Pauline passage to justify his privileging of class struggle over what the philosopher dismiss as identity politics in the form of feminism and multiculturalism. By exploring the potential feminist and particularly multiculturalist aspects of Paul’s epistles, Žižek’s use of Paul is confronted and further anchored in Nancy Fraser’s political philosophy.

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  • Ole Jakob Løland
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