Paul as Predecessor to Psychoanalysis: Žižek’s Introspective Paul

  • Ole Jakob Løland
Part of the Radical Theologies and Philosophies book series (RADT)


Žižek takes Jacque Lacan’s readings of Paul as his point of departure and with their premises Žižek constructs an image of Paul as a precursor for modern psychoanalysis. It is primarily in Lacan’s and Žižek’s readings of Romans 7 that the connections between Paul and psychoanalysis are established. Krister Stendahl’s depiction of the Augustinian-Lutheran reading of Paul as the introspective conscience is a view of the apostle that is reflected in Žižek’s reading of Romans, particularly in Žižek’s repeated references to chapter 7. What is more, the concept of the introspective apostle also reflects a privileging of “the Christian” over what is deemed is “the Jewish” in the reception of Paul in this modern philosopher.

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