Frontiers of Sigma-Delta Modulators

  • Isacco Arnaldi


Since the introduction of Sigma-Delta modulation as Analog-to-Digital conversion technique, there has been an impressive amount of ICs published, comprising many diverse technology processes, architectures, and circuit techniques, as well as targeting a variety of different applications. To conclude the book, this section provides a basic introduction on emerging Sigma-Delta ICs typically implemented in nanometer (i.e., beyond 180 nm) CMOS technologies. These include sturdy MASH (SMASH), incremental, and time domain VCO-based modulators. Similarly to the other chapters of the book, the respective Simulink® models provided in the Toolbox of the architectures presented are described and relevant simulations suggested. The hope is to instill in the reader some curiosity as these Sigma-Delta modulator implementations are an active and vibrant area of contemporary research.


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