History of Carotid Artery Surgery

  • Praveen C. Balraj
  • Ziad Al Adas
  • Alexander D. ShepardEmail author


Over the last century, advances in vascular surgery and surgical technology have changed both our understanding and treatment of cerebrovascular disease. The diagnosis and management of extracranial carotid artery disease have undergone a tremendous evolution of thought and technique. From the days of frequently lethal attempts at carotid artery ligation to current precise surgical techniques, this chapter will describe the most significant events and landmark discoveries that have led to the current standards of care in carotid artery surgery.

This chapter starts by describing how the association between carotid artery disease and neurological injury was discovered. The progression of carotid surgery from early ligations for bleeding and aneurysms to carotid endarterectomy is detailed along with the evolution of modern techniques of endarterectomy. The subsequent development of endoluminal techniques for treating carotid disease and enhancements such as cerebral protection devices and transcervical access are also outlined. And finally, the most important clinical trials that have shaped today’s practice of carotid surgery are described.


History of vascular surgery Cerebrovascular disease Carotid artery stenosis Carotid endarterectomy Carotid artery stenting 


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