Treatment of Neurological Symptoms in Wilson Disease

  • Ana Vives-RodriguezEmail author
  • Daphne Robakis
  • Nigel S. Bamford
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Brain copper accumulation commonly causes neurological symptoms in Wilson disease (WD). Many of the neurological manifestations that are present in WD involve movement disorders such as tremor, dysarthria, parkinsonism, dystonia, and gait impairment. Current de-coppering therapy provides in most cases only partial improvement of the neurological aspects of WD, and the use of medications to treat residual neurological symptoms is commonly required to improve patients’ quality of life. The evidence assessing the efficacy of different therapeutic options for movement disorders in WD is limited. This chapter aims to review the most common neurological manifestations in WD and the therapeutic options currently available.


Wilson disease Neurological manifestations Copper Tremor Dystonia Parkinsonism 


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