The Future

  • Ihsan Ugur Delikanli
  • Todor Dimitrov
  • Roena Agolli


This chapter presents the potential of Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) as agents of global change, revolving around their raison d’être and the conclusions of earlier chapters, focusing on governance and finance at the times of the digital revolution. MDBs are addressed as a system of related knowledge-based institutions, guided by the insight of their independent evaluation functions and the wealth of distilled but not always learned lessons of experience. The chapter elaborates on how MDBs may excel in providing first rank international leadership in high standards of norms and practices, across sectors and countries, beyond politics and legacy. It looks openly into the future, in a global context, providing ideas and suggestions for addressing complex problems, offering possible transformations, in mitigation of past reform fatigues. Key highlights include the need to elevate governance, use, and scope of independent evaluation, engagement with stakeholders, and overarching development agenda, toward delivering synergies across MDBs.


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