Principles of Sound Governance

  • Ihsan Ugur Delikanli
  • Todor Dimitrov
  • Roena Agolli


This chapter has a very central role as it offers a novel set of seven Multilateral Development Bank (MDB) governance principles, developed by the authors. They cover all governance aspects, ranging from the multiple roles of boards and rating agencies to the overshadowed importance of attracting, motivating, and nurturing the right mix of human capital, genuinely dedicated to the global development agenda. These seven MDB-specific governance principles are developed beyond the Basel governance principles, to reflect the complexity of MDBs. The conclusion includes a summary on recent developments as well as an assessment of the level of adherence to the proposed principles—outlining specific areas of improving MDB governance, elaborated in the concluding Chap.  7 (The Future).


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  • Todor Dimitrov
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  • Roena Agolli
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