Jotunheim –In the Realm of Giants

  • David S. Stevenson
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In Chapters  2 and  3, we saw how plate motions brought about the rise of the Caledonides, the Appalachians and the Rockies. In this chapter, we focus on the mountains themselves as constructs and begin to examine their influence on planetary climate, leading us into Chapter  6. Chapter  5 therefore forms a natural bridge between the granites that underpin these lofty chains of rock and the climate that ultimately leads to their sculpting into the myriad forms that challenge and amaze us. We will concentrate on the Earth’s current giants: the Alpine-Himalayan system, and the mighty Tibetan lateau that lies along the Himalaya’s northern shore.


The Himalayan Orogen

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The Mediterranean

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Mountains, Atmospheres and Climate

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Gap and Other Mountain Winds

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