Ultrasound Examination of Extracranial Vessels

  • Fridon Todua
  • Dudana Gachechiladze


Ultrasound study of extracranial vessels is performed in supine position of the patient. The head should be slightly elevated if desired. The patient should be comfortably positioned with the head resting on the examination bed to avoid neck muscle tension. For better visualization, the neck must be straightened and turned to the opposite direction (Carroll 1996; Bartels 1999; Valdueza et al. 2008).


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Fridon Todua
    • 1
  • Dudana Gachechiladze
    • 2
    • 3
  1. 1.Department of RadiologyNational Academy of Sciences of Georgia, Research Institute of Clinical Medicine, I. Javakhishili Tbilisi State UniversityTbilisiGeorgia
  2. 2.Department of RadiologyProgramme of Caucasus UniversityTbilisiGeorgia
  3. 3.Department of Ultrasound DiagnosticsNational Medical Academy of Georgia, Research Institute of Clinical MedicineTbilisiGeorgia

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