Translating Theory into Practice (1959)

  • Matteo Grilli
Part of the African Histories and Modernities book series (AHAM)


This chapter explores the making of Ghana’s Pan-African policy by Padmore’s Office and the AAC between January and September 1959. In this period, Ghana for the first time defined its policies for the support of political refugees, African students and opposition parties, also clarifying its stance towards the use of armed struggle in the liberation process. Finally, Padmore’s Office set up the basis for a proper Pan-Africanist propaganda. Generally speaking, this chapter deals with a period of changes that influenced Ghana’s internal and external policies in the short and longer term. The months under examination also coincide with Padmore’s last months before his death. His imprint on his Office and the AAC—as will be shown—lasted for years after his death.

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  • Matteo Grilli
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