Interventions in Portal Hypertension

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Portal hypertension comprises an important health problem in both developed and developing countries. It leads to severe compromise in quality of life for the patient. Whereas liver transplantation forms the basis of definitive treatment, many patients can’t undergo the same due to medical and/or economic issues. Interventional treatment by way of different radiological procedures aims to mitigate the complications arising from portal hypertension. The aim of these interventions may be to decrease the hepatic venous pressure gradient (which is raised in most cases of chronic liver disease), e.g. TIPS, or to treat the presenting cause directly, e.g. BRTO for bleeding gastric varices. These interventions have an established position in the treatment algorithm for portal hypertension.


Portal hypertension Hepatic venous pressure gradient TIPS BRTO Budd Chiari syndrome Ascites Gastric varices 


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