Symmetry of Hue Distribution in the Images

  • Piotr MilczarskiEmail author
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 10842)


In the paper, a new symmetry measure is proposed to evaluate the symmetry/asymmetry of the hue distribution within the segmented part of the image. A new symmetry/asymmetry area measure (ASM) as well as their parts: the asymmetry measures of: the shape distribution (ASMShape), hue distribution (ASMHue) and structures distribution (ASMStuct) are proposed and discussed. In the paper, a dermatological asymmetry measure in shape (DASMShape) and hue (DASMHue) are presented and discussed thoroughly as well as their ASMShape and ASMHue applications. The hue distribution of the symmetry/asymmetry of the segmented skin lesion is discussed. One of the DASMHue measures is thoroughly presented. The results of the DASMHue algorithm based on the threshold binary masks using PH2 dataset shows stronger overestimating results but the total ratio 95.8% of correctly and overestimated cases is better than the ratio which takes into account only shape alone.


Asymmetry area measure of the hue distribution (ASMHueDermatological symmetry and asymmetry of skin lesion Dermatological asymmetry measure of hue distribution Pattern symmetry assessment Texture symmetry 


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