Modified Relational Mountain Clustering Method

  • Kristina P. Sinaga
  • June-Nan Hsieh
  • Josephine B. M. Benjamin
  • Miin-Shen YangEmail author
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 10841)


The relational mountain clustering method (RMCM) is a simple and effective algorithm that can be used to obtain cluster centers and partitions for a relational data set. However, the performance of RMCM heavily depends on the choice of parameters of relational mountain function. In order to solve this problem, we propose a modified RMCM (M-RMCM) by using the correlation self-comparison method to estimate the parameters of the modified relational mountain function, and then applied a validity index to estimate the number of clusters. The proposed M-RMCM can provide good cluster centers, partitions and the number of clusters for most relational data sets in which the results will not be sensitive to parameters. The simulations and comparisons show the superiority and effectiveness of the proposed M-RMCM.


Clustering algorithms Mountain method Relational data Relational mountain method 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Kristina P. Sinaga
    • 1
  • June-Nan Hsieh
    • 1
  • Josephine B. M. Benjamin
    • 1
  • Miin-Shen Yang
    • 1
    Email author
  1. 1.Department of Applied MathematicsChung Yuan Christian UniversityChung-LiTaiwan

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