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This chapter explores how family crises are generally accompained by some particular moments that can occur in a family’s historical cycle. There are many ways in which “turbulent developments” can be activated, and through which a couple moves from the crisis to the divorce, including disregarded expectations towards the partner, power and possession games, the breaking of the couples’ previous collusion. The chapter outlines a theoretical and clinical overview of these processes and offers a summary of the growing number of divorce cases caused by unpleasant episodes related to social networks. Recent scientific studies about this phenomena are summarized. This chapter also explores relationships between brothers and cites several psychoanalytic theories on the topic. Finally, the issue of the stepfamily is explored in depth: today, sociologists talk less often about “family” and more about “families”, as marital separations increase, resulting in multiple stratifications of the ties between different family groups; these “new families” are increasingly the focus of current studies.


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