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A colectomy, removing a section of the colon, is based on the blood supply that feeds that segment. Colectomies, therefore, are broadly grouped into right-sided colectomies (right hemicolectomy, transverse colectomy) and left-sided colectomies (left hemicolectomy, sigmoidectomy). Colectomies are traditionally performed through an open, midline incision, but the open procedure results in a long incision that leads to a long recovery. Robotic colon surgery is a new technique that allows the surgeon to perform surgery through smaller incisions, with a magnified view and improved dexterity. This chapter describes the standard approach to a right colectomy and a left colectomy. Patient positioning, port placement, and the key steps of the operation are all highlighted.


Colon Robotic surgery Right colectomy Sigmoidectomy Left colectomy Minimally invasive surgery 


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