Pressure Measurements Around an Electric Discharge Produced on a Wedge in a Supersonic Flow

  • P. GnemmiEmail author
  • C. Rey
  • B. Sauerwein
  • M. Bastide
Conference paper


An original mean for the steering of supersonic projectiles is proposed since several years. Now, the deflection of the trajectory of such a projectile by generating electric discharges producing plasma on its surface becomes very realistic facing the experimental results got previously. The present paper deals mainly with academic pressure measurements carried out on a wedge, the transducers being located very near the electrodes of the electric discharge actuator. The experiments are carried out in a shock tunnel at the Mach number of 4.5 under realistic conditions present at 8 km of altitude. The research is motivated by expectations to be confirmed or not about physical effects producing the motion of the projectile under electric discharge actuation. Several series of tests prove that the electric discharge generating plasma produces a local overpressure around the electrodes. This result is in coherence with the motion of a projectile submitted to electric discharges observed in a wind tunnel and a shock tunnel.


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  1. 1.French German Research Institute of Saint-Louis (ISL)Saint-LouisFrance

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