Variation in Spanwise Direction of Transonic Buffet on a Three-Dimensional Wing

  • Y. KojimaEmail author
  • M. Kameda
  • A. Hashimoto
  • T. Aoyama
Conference paper


Transonic buffet is a self-induced oscillation of shock wave appearing at high angles of attack. We simulated the transonic buffet over the NASA-CRM wing with a zonal detached eddy simulation (ZDES). We found that the frequency characteristics of the surface pressure fluctuation are varied in the spanwise direction and are categorized into three patterns. In the inboard region, the buffet exhibits a periodical oscillation with a single dominant frequency equivalent to the 2D wing. At the mid-span of the wing, although the buffet frequency is equal to the inboard, the wave front of shock moves in the spanwise direction. In the outboard, the spectrum exhibits two dominant modes. One is a periodical oscillation similar to the 2D wing. The other is a high-frequency fluctuation propagating in spanwise direction.


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  1. 1.Tokyo University of Agriculture and TechnologyKoganeiJapan
  2. 2.Japan Aerospace Exploration AgencyChofuJapan

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