DNS of Hypersonic Ramp Flow on a Supercomputer

  • I. KlioutchnikovEmail author
  • S. Cao
  • H. Olivier
Conference paper


The main goal of this paper is to study the hypersonic flow over a compression ramp by highly resolved direct numerical simulations. The results obtained with a grid of 4096 × 512 × 512 points show a very good resolution in the region of the separation shock, the separation bubble, and up to the region of the appearance of Görtler vortices. The development and the detailed structure of Görtler vortices downstream of the reattachment region are shown. The Görtler vortices produce strong spanwise heat transfer variations with significant peak heating. The results for different Reynolds numbers are thoroughly analyzed to show the influence on the vortex-induced spanwise heat flux variations. The comparison of numerical results with experimental data yields a good agreement.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.RWTH Aachen University, Shock Wave LaboratoryAachenGermany

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