Post Herpes Zoster Neuritis

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A 47-year-old white female had herpes zoster infection of her right V1 and V2 trigeminal nerve branches about 10 years previously. She had severe pain with her infection plus significant corneal ulceration. Her pain never resolved and caused a great deal of stress. Three years later, she had a nerve stimulator implanted over the right supraorbital nerve, and it helped about 75% of her pain. While the nerve stimulator helped a lot of her pain, it required frequent setting adjustments. The residual pain was located in the distribution of her right infratrochlear nerve, which was over the medial canthus of her right eye and bridge of her nose on the right side. This residual pain was severe and was aggravated by temperature changes, barometric weather changes, bright lights, and by wind blowing on her face. It affected her daily life significantly.


Post herpes zoster neuritis Nerve blocks Nerve stimulators Nerve resections 


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