Gamma Knife Radiosurgery for Trigeminal Neuralgia

  • José A. PeñagarícanoEmail author


The treatment of medically refractory trigeminal neuralgia with radiosurgery technique was reported by Leksell in 1971. Multiple publications, some with hundreds of patients, have reported on the efficacy of radiosurgery in medically refractory cases of trigeminal neuralgia. The main advantages of radiosurgery over other invasive procedures are minimal invasiveness and low risk of complications. Although today the standard prescribed dose is between 80 and 90 Gy, there is variability across the literature. Similarly, there is some variation in the placement of the isocenter. The goal of the radiosurgeon is to find a balance between the success of the procedure and the risk of the patient in developing toxicity.


Radiosurgery Trigeminal neuralgia Gamma knife Stereotactic technique Long-term outcomes Recurrence 


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