Periodic Processes and Structures in Nature, Science, and Engineering

  • Eugene I. Nefyodov
  • Sergey M. Smolskiy
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This chapter begins from the general review of periodic processes and structures in nature, science, and engineering (Sect. 8.1). Such processes and structures began their complete life from the discoveries of the Russian scientist D. Mendeleev. Periodic structures are widely used at present in active and adaptive phased antenna arrays, on the one hand, and in nano-devices base on meta-materials, on the other. Floquet’s theorem and the principle of the phase synchronism are physical fundamentals of periodic structures (Sect. 8.2.1). In a series of knowledge branches, the periodic systems play the role of slowing systems with their own deceleration coefficient. In the whole case series, slowing structures are the constitutive parts of devices based on the already considered hollow waveguides (Chap. 6)


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