Solutions for Chapter 4: Signal Processing and Receivers: Theory

  • Thomas L. Wilson
  • Susanne Hüttemeister
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We must evaluate the integral \(\int _{-\infty }^{+\infty } A \mathrm {e}^{-x^2/2\sigma ^2}\mathrm {d}x=1\). The standard approach is to evaluate the square of this integral in terms of the variables x and y. Then we have \(A^2 \int _{-\infty }^{+\infty } \mathrm {e}^{-x^2/2\sigma ^2} \mathrm {d}x \int _{-\infty }^{+\infty } \mathrm {e}^{-y^2/2\sigma ^2}\mathrm {d}y=1\). Now transform from rectangular to two-dimensional polar coordinates, so that

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