Neurosurgery During Pregnancy

  • Nicholas S. Szuflita
  • Jason H. Boulter
  • Jonathan E. Gilhooly
  • Chris J. NealEmail author


This chapter highlights neurosurgical issues that may arise during pregnancy, providing the non-neurosurgeon foundational knowledge on these conditions. Divided between intracranial and spinal pathology, the authors review presenting features and the indications for intervention in the more common neuropathological processes seen in the gravid patient. Although the deferral of treatment until after delivery is preferred when appropriate, many neurosurgical disorders can present an urgent threat to the mother and fetus and necessitate intervention. New and different neurologic complaints or mental status changes may be a harbinger of serious pathology that can result in loss of function, paralysis, and death if not treated appropriately. In many instances, available data and treatment guidelines for neurosurgical emergencies during pregnancy are scarce, and decisions will have to be made on a case-by-case basis in the best interest of the mother and fetus.


Neurosurgery Pregnancy Subarachnoid hemorrhage Arteriovenous malformation Cerebral venous sinus thrombosis Radiation Disc herniation Neurocritical care Back pain 


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