Lumbar Hernia Repair

  • Omar Yusef Kudsi
  • James Avruch


Lumbar hernias are a rare clinical entity involving herniation of the intra-abdominal or retroperitoneal contents through congenital or acquired weaknesses in the posterolateral abdominal wall. First reported in 1731 on autopsy, they were formally credited to the French surgeon and anatomist Jean Louis Petit, who described a strangulated hernia emerging from the inferior lumbar triangle in 1783. In the modern era lumbar hernia is usually the result of prior urologic or aortic surgical intervention, although congenital and traumatic herniation is still described. Lumbar herniation is a possible etiology of both acute incarceration and strangulation of abdominal/retroperitoneal viscera as well as chronic lower back and flank pain.


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  • James Avruch
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