Oil and Tar

  • Michael Stachowitsch


Whether measured in liters, gallons, barrels, or tons, oil is ugly, viscous, or even firm, poses a threat to wildlife, is hazardous to human health, and can mar entire land- and seascapes. And we release it into the world’s oceans in the millions of tons every year, with the famed major oil spills playing only a relatively minor role overall. It’s astounding that any beach can stay white. And whose fault is it ultimately? Don’t tell me you drive an electric car or only ride a bicycle? If your beach is oiled and you want to help, take your oldest clothing – you will throw it all away afterward. And do not open oil canisters and the like – they are never empty to the last drop.


Crude oil Oil slick Oil spill Oil tankers Tar Tar ball 


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