FDG PET/CT in Evaluating Osteomyelitis and Diabetic Foot

  • Alok Pawaskar
  • Sandip Basu
Part of the Clinicians’ Guides to Radionuclide Hybrid Imaging book series (CGRHI)


FDG PET/CT has demonstrated promising results for imaging of osteomyelitis. It is a useful adjunct to MRI in doubtful cases. It surpasses performance of MRI is spinal infections and can significantly add to the clinical workup of diabetic foot. Its ability to assess soft tissue, skeletal, vascular, and neurological (Charcot joints) complications in a single examination may make it a preferred investigational tool in conjunction with MRI. PET-MRI as a modality may evolve in this regard. However, these aspirations need strengthening with larger prospective research studies in future.


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