Cysts of the Middle Mediastinum

  • Giuseppe De LucaEmail author
  • Nicola Martucci
  • Gaetano Rocco
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Cysts of the mediastinum are an uncommon from 5 to 18% of all primary mediastinal tumors. Cysts of the middle mediastinum are rare congenital malformation caused by abnormal embryological development of the anterior intestine and/or coelomic cavity. They are classified into mesothelial cysts including pericardial cyst and foregut-derived cysts. The spectrum of foregut cysts of the middle mediastinum includes bronchogenic cysts and esophageal duplications. They are usually benign congenital lesions, and majority of them are either asymptomatic or discovered incidentally. Surgery is only curative treatment.


Cysts of mediastinum Mediastinum Bronchogenic cyst Esophageal duplication Pericardial cyst 


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