Active Debris Removal: A Joint Task and Obligation to Cooperate for the Benefit of Mankind

  • Valentin Degrange
Part of the Studies in Space Policy book series (STUDSPACE, volume 16)


This analysis aims to prove that the cooperation of all spacefaring nations for the removal of space debris is not only a necessity in terms of the sustainable development of a limited natural resource, but could also constitute an obligation under international law. Furthermore, the establishment and observance by the international community of rules concerning space debris removal, as well as the creation of a dedicated international organization charged with dealing with these matters, could be one of the next steps in the development of mankind’s space capabilities. The importance of securing humanity’s doorstep to outer space cannot be overstated and should indeed be a priority for all nations. But will the international community take such a step?

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  • Valentin Degrange
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  1. 1.Université Jean Moulin Lyon IIILyonFrance

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