Automatic View Tracking in 360º Multimedia Using xAPI

  • Antoni OliverEmail author
  • Javier del Molino
  • Antoni Bibiloni
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360º video can consume up to six times the bandwidth of a regular video by delivering the entire frames instead of just the current viewport, introducing an additional difficulty to the delivery of this kind of multimedia. Many authors address this challenge by narrowing the delivered viewport using knowledge of where the user is likely to look at. To address this, we propose an automatic view tracking system based in xAPI to collect the data required to create the knowledge required to decide the viewport that is going to be delivered. We present a use case of an interactive 360º video documentary around the migratory crisis in Greece. In this case, omnidirectional content is recorded using a 6-camera array, rendered in an equirectangular projection and played later by an HTML5 web application. Interactive hotspots are placed on specific coordinates of the space-time of the production, introducing a connection of the viewer with the story by playing additional multimedia content. The current view and other usage data are recorded and permit us to obtain metrics on the user behavior, like most watched areas, with the goal to obtain that required knowledge.


Hypervideo 360º video Interactive documentary Video tiling View-adaptive streaming xAPI 



The authors want to thank the people that appear in the documentary for sharing their stories with us. We also want to thank PROEM-AID for their work where they are much needed, and especially Manuel Elviro Vidal for recording the scenes shown in the documentary in situ. A. Oliver was supported by a predoctoral contract with the Universitat de les Illes Balears (UIB).


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