Chilean B Corp Entrepreneurs’ Values and Motivations

  • Florentine Mariele Sophie Roth
  • Ingo Winkler


This chapter provides a detailed elaboration of the values and motivations expressed by the Chilean B Corp entrepreneurs. Each of the values that the study was able to identify from the interview material is addressed in this chapter. To capture the rich insights from the study, this chapter presents the different degrees in the motivational expressions among the B Corp entrepreneurs. The motivational expressions of the individual B Corp entrepreneurs are ranked as strong, moderate, weak, or not applicable (if no statements have been made about the concerned value). This ranking expresses a qualitative comparative evaluation and takes the context of each B entrepreneur into consideration. In addition to the analysis of each value, this chapter also attends to the dynamic structure of the B Corp entrepreneurs’ values. It pays particular attention to the bipolar value structure and the distinction between self-oriented values and other-oriented values.


Values and motivation Self-direction Achievement Benevolence Universalism 


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  • Ingo Winkler
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  2. 2.Department of Marketing and ManagementUniversity of Southern DenmarkOdense MDenmark

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