Observing the Deep Sky

  • Malcolm Zack
  • Andrew Gannon
  • John McRoberts
Part of the The Patrick Moore Practical Astronomy Series book series (PATRICKMOORE)


This chapter contains the 100 star-hopper’s guide (SG) objects. It is designed so that the left-hand page shows basic technical data, the Gold, Silver or Bronze designation and all the information needed to help find the object. The right-hand page opens opposite to reveal the star-hopping chart and an image taken by the authors and others from suburban backyards and similar locations.

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  • Malcolm Zack
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  • Andrew Gannon
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  • John McRoberts
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  1. 1.ChigwellUK
  2. 2.Waltham AbbeyUK
  3. 3.Great DunmowUK

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