When the Surgeon Needs the Endoscopist in Rescuing Bariatric Surgery: Intraoperative and Early Post-operative Period

  • Elisabeth M. H. Mathus-Vliegen
  • Jérôme Dargent


Endoscopy may be of help during the operation when unexpected findings are in need of a proper diagnosis but most of the endoscopic procedures will be performed to guarantee a safe and airtight anastomosis or staple line. It will depend on the country and local customs and facilities whether the surgeon himself/herself performs the intraoperative endoscopy or whether he/she can call upon an endoscopist to assist in the procedure. Endoscopy in the post-operative period will be performed for clinical reasons, either as an emergency or electively to evaluate symptoms. In the case of positive findings that lend themselves to endoscopic treatment, the endoscopist may come to rescue the bariatric surgery.


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