Mediastinal Non-neoplastic Conditions

  • Beatrice Sacconi
  • Giada Valente
  • Mariaelena Occhipinti


Mediastinum can be interested by a variety of neoplastic and non-neoplastic conditions, mostly affecting the anterior mediastinum. Mediastinal disease can be suspected at conventional radiography and further investigated at CT and MRI. This chapter is focused on non-neoplastic conditions; congenital diseases are discussed in the first part, such as oesophageal duplication cysts, bronchogenic, thymic and pericardial cysts and other less common entities. In the second part of the chapter we focus on acquired conditions, such as infectious/inflammatory, vascular and iatrogenic diseases.


Mediastinum Mediastinal non-neoplastic conditions Mediastinal congenital cysts Fibrosing mediastinitis Thymic hyperplasia 


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