Conclusions: Summary of Findings and the Way Forward

  • Wenyuan Wu
Part of the Latin American Political Economy book series (LAPE)


Important variations are observed with regard to Chinese NOCs’ CSR records in the five South American countries, even though it is not possible to derive more definitive, quantitative comparisons given the limited amount of cases and a qualitative nature of the case inquiries. This study constructs the causal mechanisms connecting the two major independent variables, host country regulatory frameworks and host civil society capacity, to CSR commitments and performance. The other two independent variables international CSR standard/initiative and bottom-line considerations are examined in the Peru case (Chap.  4) and the Venezuela case (Chap.  6), respectively. Subsequently, these two factors are dismissed because they hold insufficient explanatory power. The findings show the intersectionality and contingency of key explanatory factors, evidencing a conjunctive route to CSR.

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