Preoperative Evaluation and Management of the Patient Prior to Non-cardiac Surgery

  • Peter A. BleszynskiEmail author
  • Heather Shenkman
  • Hanna Z. Mieszczanska


With an aging population and advances in surgical techniques, an increasing number of patients with cardiac risk factors are undergoing non-cardiac surgery. The vast majority of surgeries are performed electively, allowing an interlude where strategies to reduce risk may be implemented. An appropriate preoperative evaluation when time allows is necessary to minimize the risk of potential cardiac complications and to optimize patient safety. The evaluation of these patients prior to non-cardiac surgery is one of the most common reasons for cardiology consultation. Cardiovascular complications are the leading cause of death within 30 days of non-cardiac surgery. We will discuss how to assess perioperative cardiac risk using clinical risk factors and type of surgery.


Preoperative Perioperative Intraoperative Cardiac Non-cardiac Surgery Clearance Risk Evaluation Assessment 


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