The Upper Abdomen

  • Mary M. Salvatore
  • Ronaldo Collo Go
  • Monica A. Pernia M.


The upper abdomen to the level of the adrenal glands is routinely included on CT scans of the chest. The organs are usually suboptimally evaluated because contrast is not commonly used for chest CT scans; however one must look carefully to make sure that pathology is not missed. The abdominal structures on chest CT which include the liver, spleen, gallbladder, pancreas, adrenals, kidneys, and bowel should be viewed on mediastinal window settings (Level 40, Window 400). I recommend reviewing each organ individually as you scroll up and down through the organ.


Hepatic steatosis Liver cirrhosis Cholesterol gallstone Porcelain gallbladder Omental thickening 


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