Vitrectomy for Macular Peeling

  • Ulrich Spandau
  • Heinrich Heimann


The following chapter reports step-by-step the surgical procedure for a membrane peeling and macular hole surgery. In addition, a peeling vitrectomy with a cataract machine is demonstrated.


Macular peeling Epiretinal membranes Macular holes Cataract machine 

Supplementary material

Video 7.1

Epiretinal membrane (WMV 173061 kb)

Video 7.2

Peeling by a fungal infection (WMV 233193 kb)

Video 7.3

Neurofibromatosis 2 (WMV 109740 kb)

Video 7.4

25G ILM peeling (WMV 237988 kb)

Video 7.5

27G-peeling surgery (WMV 46600 kb)

Video 7.6

Luxated IOL and macular hole with 27G (WMV 80139 kb)

Video 7.7

PPV with Centurion (WMV 23545 kb)

Video 7.8

Vitrectomy with Infinity (WMV 28123 kb)

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  • Ulrich Spandau
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  • Heinrich Heimann
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  2. 2.Royal Liverpool University HospitalLiverpoolUK

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