Submacular Hemorrhage Secondary to CNV

  • Ulrich Spandau
  • Heinrich Heimann


The following chapter describes step-by-step the surgical management of a submacular hemorrhage secondary to CNV. Depending on the extent of the size of the hemorrhage, a surgical management with pneumatic retinopexy, subretinal rtPA, and removal of a massive hemorrhage is reported.


Submacular hemorrhage secondary to CNV Submacular hemorrhage rtPA Actilyse Vitrectomy Submacular rtPA Massive submacular hemorrhage Traumatic choroidal hemorrhage 

Supplementary material

Video 16.1

PPV for a small submacular hemorrhage (WMV 23965 kb)

Video 16.2

Traumatic large submacular hemorrhage (WMV 31930 kb)

Video 16.3

PPV and submacular rtPA for large submacular hemorrhage (WMV 31561 kb)

Video 16.4

PPV for massive subretinal hemorrhage (WMV 67967 kb)

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  • Ulrich Spandau
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  • Heinrich Heimann
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  2. 2.Royal Liverpool University HospitalLiverpoolUK

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