Constraints Caused by Primary Hyperhidrosis

  • Regina Lunkes Diehl


This chapter is a summary of the book Suando em Bicas (Perspiring Copiously) published in Brazil in 2004 by Editora Nobel, the author of which—the journalist Regina Lunkes Diehl—has suffered from hyperhidrosis for more than three decades.

The poor quality of life she has experienced due to its significant effects—wet and swollen hands and feet—from her childhood through to adulthood became an important connection to the suffering of thousands of people. The book also inspired the creation of a website ( that has been guiding hyperhidrosis patients in their search for a cure not only in Brazil but also in another countries due to the reach of the internet, and the support from media programs such as television and radio programs and also newspapers and magazines. The book also brings together testimonials from patients who discovered a new life after surgery and provides a simple explanation of how to identify the first signals of the disease as well as the possible mistakes made between symptoms of hyperhidrosis and other possible diseases.

The main purpose of the book was the announcement of hyperhidrosis as a proper disease, definite treatment of which is through a specific type of surgery (sympathectomy) performed by thoracic and cardiovascular surgeons. The professionals that operated on Regina Lunkes Diehl have been the two main specialists in this surgery since its early years in Brazil—Drs. Jose Ribas Milanez and Paulo Kauffman, from Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein in São Paulo, a worldwide reference center in medical research.


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