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  • Rebecca M. Hayes
  • Kate Luther
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As we began writing this final chapter, news broke of charges of distributing child pornography against over 1000 Danish youth (Orange 2018). Using Facebook, these individuals are accused of sharing video of two minors engaging in sexual activity. This case, the details surrounding of which are emerging as we write the chapter, reminds us that criminologists must expand their view of delinquency and crime to encompass what is occurring on new media platforms. As Ray Surette stated in his interview, in Chap.  1, “as new media comes to more define the daily ‘lived’ lives of people, especially youth, criminologists that ignore their existence do so at the peril of being irrelevant” (R. Surette, personal communication, July 14, 2017). This quote essentially sums up our purpose for this book: to highlight the necessity for criminologists to study new media.


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