Approximating Domination on Intersection Graphs of Paths on a Grid

  • Saeed MehrabiEmail author
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Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 10787)


A graph G is called \({B}_k\)-EPG (resp., \({B}_k\)-VPG), for some constant \(k\ge 0\), if it has a string representation on an axis-parallel grid such that each vertex is a path with at most k bends and two vertices are adjacent in G if and only if the corresponding strings share at least one grid edge (resp., the corresponding strings intersect each other). If two adjacent strings of a B\(_k\)-VPG graph intersect each other exactly once, then the graph is called a one-string B\(_k\)-VPG graph.

In this paper, we study the Minimum Dominating Set problem on \(\textsc {B}_1\text {-}{\textsc {EPG}}\) and \(\textsc {B}_1\text {-}{\textsc {VPG}}\) graphs. We first give an O(1)-approximation algorithm on one-string \(\textsc {B}_1\text {-}{\textsc {VPG}}\) graphs, providing the first constant-factor approximation algorithm for this problem. Moreover, we show that the Minimum Dominating Set problem is APX-hard on \(\textsc {B}_1\text {-}{\textsc {EPG}}\) graphs, ruling out the possibility of a PTAS unless P = NP. Finally, to complement our APX-hardness result, we give constant-factor approximation algorithms for the Minimum Dominating Set problem on two non-trivial subclasses of \(\textsc {B}_1\text {-}{\textsc {EPG}}\) graphs.


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