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  • Jun Qian
  • Yu Gong
  • Qin Huang
  • A. Travis Manasco
  • Liming Tang
  • Jason S. Gold


A growing body of evidence suggests that early stage pT1 gastric cardiac cancer can be better resected endoscopically, but advanced, nonmetastatic resectable tumors without esophageal invasion or with esophageal invasion but in the length shorter than 3 cm above the gastroesophageal junction may be resected via the transhiatal abdominal approach. Laparoscopic resection has also emerged as a safe, economic, minimally invasive alternative. A universally accepted resection/reconstruction protocol remains to be established for this potentially fatal cancer.


Gastric cancer Early gastric carcinoma Stomach Cancer Endoscopic resection Laparoscopic resection Gastric cardia 


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