Symptomatic Male with Subclinical Varicocele Found on Ultrasound Evaluation

  • Ahmad Majzoub


Subclinical varicocele is a common incidental ultrasound finding detected during evaluation of men with infertility or presenting with chronic scrotal content pain. Studies regarding this disease entity mainly investigated the value of its management in infertile men rather than for pain relief. Current guidelines do not indicate varicocelectomy for subclinical varicocele. Coming across such a diagnosis in the context of chronic orchialgia, the clinician should be careful in ruling out other potentially treatable etiologies. Conservative measures are initially recommended. However, if pain persists, spermatic cord denervation may be an option provided that a favorable response to spermatic cord block has been achieved.


Subclinical varicocele Scrotal pain Varicocelectomy Spermatic cord denervation 



I would like to thank Ludi Majzoub for the help in editing this manuscript.


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