Collaborate to Maximize Reduction of Hospital and Healthcare Energy Use and Carbon Footprint

  • Nina S. Godbole
  • John P. Lamb


In order to meet the challenge for effective green healthcare, collaboration is a must. Data-center technology for green healthcare covers a broad spectrum from efficient cooling towers and variable speed blowers to the use of energy-efficient IT systems such as virtual servers, blade centers, and virtual data storage. Significant contributors to the collaboration team include IT technology vendors, data-center design businesses, infrastructure technology providers, energy utilities, and governments. This chapter includes descriptions on how to help make this collaboration happen. A key starting point is to have an executive champion for implementing a green healthcare center. Energy utilities have additional interest in implementing green IT since they can use their experience to help establish rate-case incentives on green computing technology for their customers.


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  • Nina S. Godbole
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  • John P. Lamb
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  2. 2.Math DepartmentPace UniversityPleasantvilleUSA

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