Attacks on the AJPS Mersenne-Based Cryptosystem

  • Koen de BoerEmail author
  • Léo Ducas
  • Stacey Jeffery
  • Ronald de Wolf
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Aggarwal, Joux, Prakash and Santha recently introduced a new potentially quantum-safe public-key cryptosystem, and suggested that a brute-force attack is essentially optimal against it. They consider but then dismiss both Meet-in-the-Middle attacks and LLL-based attacks. Very soon after their paper appeared, Beunardeau et al. proposed a practical LLL-based technique that seemed to significantly reduce the security of the AJPS system. In this paper we do two things. First, we show that a Meet-in-the-Middle attack can also be made to work against the AJPS system, using locality-sensitive hashing to overcome the difficulty that Aggarwal et al. saw for such attacks. We also present a quantum version of this attack. Second, we give a more precise analysis of the attack of Beunardeau et al., confirming and refining their results.


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The authors wish to thank David Naccache, Antoine Joux and Marc Beunardeau for helpful discussions, and the anonymous PQCrypto reviewers for useful feedback. LD is supported by a NWO Veni Innovational Research Grant under project number 639.021.645. SJ is supported by an NWO WISE Grant and an NWO Veni Innovational Research Grant under project number 639.021.752. RdW is partially supported by ERC Consolidator Grant 61530-QPROGRESS.

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