Family Matters: How Family Influenced My Career

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My family emigrated from Korea, and I was born and raised in the Bronx. I was taught to value education, and my parents worked several jobs just so my brother and I could go to good schools. I loved math and science all throughout my life and got to experience research during my high school career. My love was fostered by my teachers, and, while I never considered an academic scientist as a career, it was my teachers and mentors who led me on my path.



I acknowledge my extraordinary husband (Brandon Montclare), two daughters (Violet and Zinnia Montclare), parents (Clara and John Kim), and brother (Peter Kim) for keeping me level headed. I thank my teachers throughout K-12, mentors from Fordham University (Diana Bray, James Ciaccio, Shahrokh Saba, Robert Beer, Father Cloney, Father Heggie), undergraduate research mentors from Albert Einstein College of Medicine (Raju Kucherlapati, Kate Montgomery), PhD advisor (Alanna Schepartz), and postdoctoral advisor (David Tirrell). I am grateful to all the former and current students, postdocs, and technicians who have worked in my lab. Finally, I thank my Executive Leadership in Academic Technology and Engineering (ELATE) cohort and countless colleagues who have provided me sound advice and sanity, when needed.

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