The ARAMiS Project Initiative

Multicore Systems in Safety- and Mixed-Critical Applications
  • Jürgen Becker
  • Falco K. BappEmail author
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Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 10824)


Embedded systems play an ever increasing role in almost any field of daily life, including the mobility domains taking massive benefits from using software in their products. The intense use of software leads to a situation, where electronics is used at the performance limits. Thus, new functionalities and systems have to be implemented using alternative architectures. Multicore technology, being state of the art in standard ICT for a couple of years now, seems to be the most promising way and probably is the key enabler for future systems. However, from a technical perspective challenges arise, which need to be specially addressed for safety critical systems. For this reason, the ARAMiS project initiative was initiated in Germany. This paper gives a high-level overview of the topics that are investigated in the research projects ARAMiS and ARAMiS II.


ARAMiS Multicore Embedded systems Functional safety Mobility domains 



This work was funded within the project ARAMiS and ARAMiS II by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research with the funding IDs 01IS11035 & 01IS16025. The responsibility for the content remains with the authors.


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