The Egalitarian Call of the Qur’ān

  • Asma Lamrabet


Unless otherwise specified, the masculine tense in the Qur’ān is “gender neutral,” addressing men and women simultaneously. Revealed in response to a feminine inquiry, saddened by not being directly addressed by the Qur’ān, six Qur’ānic verses specify the gender of believers as in: “believing men and believing women…”, an undeniable recognition by the Creator of the equal engagement of both, in a direct response to feminine questioning of the Sacred Text. This feminine demarche of the first hour represents women’s effort to understand, with precision, their place in the Qur’ānic discourse, thereby confirming their role as equal partners, and illustrates the birth of a female consciousness, informed and fully aware of the rights and responsibilities, granted to them directly by the liberating message of Islam.

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